Engaging Learning

Addie principles, adult learning theory, and backward design are embedded into the design process. Collaboration with the SME ensures that the course meets the company's desired outcome. Objective alignment and learner engagement are pivotal in learner retention and application of the content.

About Me

I am an instructional designer passionate about providing effective and efficient training to all learners. High-quality courses are essential in meeting the needs of all learners. As a former teacher, I spent six years creating engaging virtual and instructor-led courses to increase learner retention of the content. The training was designed and developed based on learning objectives to ensure fellow educators were growing professionally. The training created for my colleagues allowed me to notice, that I thoroughly enjoyed the design process of courses from beginning to end. I became determined to expand my knowledge of eLearning and adult learning theories.

Applied Instructional Design Academy 

To acquire eLearning skills, I attend the Applied Instructional Design Academy nine-month program. During my time at the academy, the following was created: design documents, storyboards, as well as ( rise, storyline, and VILT) courses. The continuous feedback within each component of the course grew my understanding of how to align objectives and assessments with the course content. 

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